What is the best investment in 2020?

What is the best investment in 2020?

Investment is an important tool for achieving financial independence. I am frequently asked about the most reliable investments that guarantee a quick return and a fast way to get rich: real estate, gold, cryptocurrency? My answer is always simple. First of all, you need to invest in yourself.

Reasons and consequences.

Unfortunately, I receive this question not from investors who are familiar with current trends and have experience in investment, but from people. This question masks a pure desire to get rich quickly. Because people believe that to become rich quickly, there is a specific scheme of simple actions. For instance, they expect to hear something like “invest in this cryptocurrency now, and to become a millionaire in six months.” Unfortunately, it does not work like that. And if it did, no one would have ever told you about that.

Investment in yourself. What does it mean, and why would you do that?

By investment in oneself, I mean learning. It can be personal training, advanced professional training, or even a book. Each of these steps makes you wiser and gives you a new experience. And, eventually, you will find the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice.

Here’s how it works: for example, you wonder where to invest money. You can go to training from experienced investors, read Warren Buffet’s books, and get to know the topic of discussion more deeply. Even though you won’t earn a million after that, you will know for sure where you don’t need to invest not to lose this million.

Another example. If you have reached the financial limit in your field of business, you can start studying foreign languages. This will open you a bunch of new ​​opportunities, including international markets. And it’s worth it.

Where to begin?

Everyone makes their own decisions. Count your strengths and weaknesses. Try to enhance first and eliminate the second. Then bring good habits into your life. It can be reading a book once a week or a month, going to the gym, language courses, or advanced professional training.

You will be surprised how fast this investment returns.

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