How to motivate yourself to get up early?

How to motivate yourself to get up early?

Have you ever wondered why successful people wake up very early? They have money and opportunities, and it seems they could sleep till afternoon. But in the morning, your brain and body are at the high tide of their opportunities. Morning is the most favorable time for new achievements.

So how to wake up early? I have chosen four steps for myself.

Step 1. Goals and mood.

If you are sure to wake up early, then the most important thing is to set your goals correctly. Goals motivate a person. The more emotional is the goal, the more persistent will be a person to achieve it. Besides, goals determine activities — systems that you must follow to achieve them.

First, you need to set the main goals for the coming year and those systems that will help you achieve them. Believe me: it’s a perfect motivation to wake up in the morning and get to work.

Step 2. Get ready to wake up early.

Before you go to bed, you need to prepare for an early awakening. In an hour or two before going to sleep, stop using any devices — smartphone, tablet, laptop. Spend this time on other activities. The reason is that blue light negatively affects sleep quality. Of course, you can switch to a night mode on your device when the blue light is blocked and replaced with a nice yellow light, but you still you have to leave your gadgets before you go to sleep for your brain could have some time to calm down before you fall asleep.

Before going to bed, think about the next day. Which tasks you have to do, which meetings you have to attend, what you are going to start with. This will help you plan your day in the right way. Give yourself some feedback. At the end of the day ask yourself: what was right and what was wrong, which results did you get, and which result did you expect to get? It would contribute a lot to your self-development.

Step 3. Take care of the quality of sleep.

At least six hours before bedtime, stop drinking coffee and alcohol, leaving only green tea and water in your ration. Also, before going to sleep, try not to eat dense food, it overloads your digestive system and affects the quality of sleep. I would recommend to eat small snacks, nuts, or drink a glass of milk not to wake up too hungry. You are willing to choose yourself, as nutrition is always an individual story.

Go to bed at a specific time. Soon it will become a habit.

Step 4. Awakening

Your day should not start with the scary or annoying melody of the alarm clock; it distorts the whole meaning of your new habit. Find a song that helps to wake up eventually, and makes you feel happy.

Next, I recommend devoting some time to the following: setting and reassessing goals, physical activity, meditation, a search of new ideas for projects. Like I previously said, morning is the most favorable time for work, especially for work on yourself.


It’s great that you decided out to wake up early. It means you understand the value and importance. Soon you will see that waking up early results in many improvements in business, relationships, and personal growth.

I wish you success, friends!

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