How to find time for everything? Time management secrets.

The hectic lifestyle, high competition, tasks overload, deadlines, and a lot of new information, all these may result not into success, but tiredness and neurosis.

So how to achieve goals and enjoy life at the same time? I have a few lifehacks for you.


Change your activity every hour and a half.

No matter where you work in the office or your apartment, break your workday into 2-hour “blocks.” This means you work for an hour and a half and another half an hour you have a break. The main thing is to switch to another type of activity for your brain could rest and would not confuse break with work.

For example, if you have been working at the computer for 90 minutes and then you are going to have a break and to chat with your friends on social networks, this does not make sense. The brain does not understand how such “rest” differs from work. Your nervous system needs to switch from one type of activity to another.


Choose priorities and delegate tasks.

It is essential to understand which tasks you have to do now, and which you can do later. If you know how to prioritize, then you can do all the work without exhaustion. By the way, this approach would also favorably affect the quality of work performed.

Also, it is essential to mention the ability to delegate tasks. Young entrepreneurs often cannot build relationships among the team members and allocate tasks. They follow the rule if you want to do something good, do it yourself, which is wrong.

Which result do they get? Lack of sleep, annoyance, anxiety, and failed deadlines. Learn to delegate tasks and to share your responsibilities.


Proper relaxation.

Another misunderstanding says: “If you are not working, you are relaxing.” If it was true, there would be no jokes that after the weekend, we need another weekend to have rest after that weekend,” and that Monday is the most challenging day of the week. If we “relax” at the computer, in supermarkets, or doing housework, our bodies continue to work and to accumulate stress. And one day, you get an “emotional burnout,” a state where there is no time, no energy, no mood or motivation to do anything.

You can avoid this by having an unusual rest sometimes. For example, you can leave for one day for an excursion to another city and turn off the mobile. After a while in a silent mode, you are most likely to have a strong desire to go online or call anyone. Suppress this impulse: it only proves that you really need rest. By the end of the day, you will feel that you became calmer and got your strength back.


Do not try to do several things at one time.

One more common misunderstanding says: “If you want to manage to do everything, you have to do everything at once” or “Everything should be done perfectly.” What happens to our brain when we try to solve several problems at the same time? It refuses to concentrate and freezes.

Perfectionism is a waste of time. Nothing can be done perfectly, but if you keep on trying, you lose time and effort while other vital tasks are left undone.

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