Other people’s opinions.

How much do you rely on other people’s opinions?

Before making a decision, how often do you care what your friends, colleagues, or relatives will think of you? Do you understand that by doing so, you can expect success neither in business nor in your personal life? Nowhere, and by no means.

Ignoring other people’s opinions doesn’t seem to be a good option either; to be a person who cares only about his opinion is irrational. However, trusting your opinion more than the opinion of others is essential.

So, how much do you rely on what others think?

Do you recognize yourself?

You care about what others say. And often, you miss new opportunities because you are scared of being criticized. Business, relationships, hobbies — all seem to be undone.

You try to imitate someone, their clothing, good or bad habits, behavior, lifestyle. You are always looking for an idol, but you cannot be objective when you try to take after them: choose their strengths and get rid of the weaknesses.

Other people constantly tell you how to live. And any criticism, any comment from a colleague, advice from your friend is a hard blow to your ego. What is your reaction when you hear that? Most frequently, you keep mum or get emotional.

Sometimes you try with all your might to get the approval of others. You need someone to praise you, to say something good.

Another sign that you rely on what others say is low self-esteem. As a result, it’s difficult for you to take initiative and responsibility. You might have fresh business ideas, but you are afraid to bring them to life or even to talk about them.

Finally, you like complaining about your complicated life. You always find someone to blame in your failures but you. 

What should you do if all the above mentioned is about you?

Friend, it means you need to change your way of thinking totally. Rely on other people’s opinions won’t lead to anything good. This is a dead weight you have to abandon.

And you know what? I will help you! In the next article, I will talk about the reasons why you rely on what others say, and what is more important how to change it.

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