Boss or leader? How to run a business in the right way.

Boss or leader? How to run a business in the right way.

The boss and the leader are two words with similar meanings. Both are associated with leadership; both imply team management. However, if you think more about these two words, you will notice there is a significant difference between them.

What makes the difference between a boss and a leader?

The boss thinks that the people who work for him are his subordinates. The subordinates, not the employees or his team members. For the boss, people are tools he uses to achieve their own goals. If one tool does not work correctly, he replaces it with another one.

Such boss doesn’t care whether the employees are satisfied with their work, if they are tired, what they feel, whether they need help and things like that. Moreover, such boss annoys when asked such questions. He knows: once you get the money, you have to work.

A leader forms a team to achieve common goals together. He trusts employees, and, alongside with tasks he gives them, he shares responsibility with them. The leader is focused on the result and is responsible for it whatever it takes. A wise leader encourages employees, whether it is a financial or not financial reward. He knows when to do it. Working 24 hours a day is not a result for him. But the implemented plan is worth praise.

The leader inspires and motivates his team. He understands that to raise a salary is possible but not the best option to motivate. The leader knows that the goals he sets should be of interest to the team as well, if not at the mission level, but at the level of values. Such management policy makes both parties benefit.

Be a leader, not a boss.

If you created your business aiming for the future, if you have a mission and it is important to you, look at it from another angle. If there is an issue in management, it can be eliminated. Try different techniques that will increase the desire and inspiration to achieve common goals.

Moreover, the leadership type of management helps to save resources, such as time and human resources. It also makes the business more competitive and can prevent staff turnover.

To achieve long-term goals, you need to unite a team. And the leader can be the only one who can do it.


Be an example for your employees, inspire them, and motivate for success. And soon you will be happy to see the result of it.

In the next article, I will tell you how to become a leader.

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