How to become a leader? Qualities of a true leader.

How to become a leader? Qualities of a true leader.

In my previous article, I talked about the difference between a boss and a leader. I explained why in business, it is important to be a leader.

But how to become one? Which character traits one should have to be considered a leader? In this article, I will talk about it.

First of all, it is the ability to take responsibility for oneself and others. Alongside with initiative and the ability to self-motivate, the ability to take responsibility is the most crucial trait of a leader. Initiative and active people do not wait for someone to come and make them want to work. They know it is their responsibility to convince themselves to leave their comfort zone. And they make self-motivation their daily routine.

Secondly, it is determination and self-knowledge. Being a leader means to know yourself, to feel what happens inside of your heart, to be able to listen to your emotions, feelings, and intuition, and to know for sure what you want. Knowing yourself is also useful as it also navigates you in life, and helps you to understand other people, teaches you not to miss your chance in a new opportunity. It is difficult to manipulate a real leader or make them turn from their was because they know what they want.

Thirdly, this is the ability to take adequate risk. The reason why real leaders are not afraid to take risks and change their lives lies in understanding that sometimes they have to pay a higher price if they fail to take the initiative. Therefore, people who get ahead of themselves are always ready to take risks.

Why did I write an “adequate” risk? The person who leads the group is obliged to know where to go. The essential organizational qualities of a leader are observation and the vision of the perspectives for the group.

Another quality worth mentioning is flexibility. Leaders often participate in complex negotiating processes; they may also find themselves in situations beyond their knowledge and control. That is why an organizational leader must feel the situation, be able to navigate it and make the right decisions quickly.

Of course, inner confidence plays an important role. High and adequate self-esteem of the leader combined with self-confidence helps them to take risks when necessary, increases their courage and decisiveness in critical situations. Confidence allows them to extend the limits of their capabilities and get new life experience.

The ability to attract people by their ideas and thoughts, the ability to convince, and create a team of followers and like-minded people are qualities that can help an individual to become a leader. Among the main leadership qualities, there is also an ability to set common goals and values and to monitor the followers’ commitment to these goals and values.

Leaders are not born; they are made.

It’s important to understand that only by constant work on oneself, one can become a leader. Leaders are the reason for all changes in the world. Leaders are wealthy; they have no lack of the opposite sex attention; they achieve their goals, and give us an example we want to follow.

So, work on yourself, invest in yourself, do not be afraid to take responsibility, and risks. And you will definitely succeed!

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